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Server Maintenence

PatrickMcGrath29 a posted Jul 27, 15

Hello Mc PvP Community,

Our server node is currently undergoing maintenece at the hosting location, meaning the server is not currently online. The server will be up and running as normal (with no changes) as soon as possible, and I would not in any way expect the downtime to last for more than one more hour.

I am sorry for this inconvenience, and I will try and make it up to you however possible throughout the coming hours / days,


Owner of Mc PvP

Money Update

PatrickMcGrath29 a posted Jul 10, 15

Hello Mc PvP,

As many of you already know we recently reset the economy and installed a new economy system based on gold. Starting today, July 10th, we are going to be converting old player money to new player money using a conversion rate of 200 to 1, meaning for every doccumented 200$ you had on the old economy system, you will receive 1 Gold. The exchange rate is not too high, for the main reason that the last economy system was simply unbalanced, and we are trying to fix that.

If you wish to have your new money credited to you, please post a link of the image in the comments section in this thread. The image can be hosted on Imgur, Gyazo, or any other equivalent tool. Every person who wishes to have their money credited to them must, i repeat must, post the url in the comments section, even if they have already previously send it to a staff member.

When you have posted the screenshot, please be paitent and wait anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 day, and your money will be credited to your account by a Head Admin / Owner.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Mc PvP Staff Team

Hello Mc PvP!

PatrickMcGrath29 a posted Jun 20, 15


Over the past few weeks the server has been growing a lot, and transforming into one that better demonstrats the factions, anarchy theme that we wished to portray on the server. As the head staff team, we wanted to create an environment where players would be able to play with their friends, enjoying the fundementals of Minecraft, while giving them an ability to take part in a raiding and PvP experience. The past several updates to the core of factions, spawn, and our set of plugins have all been designed to create a better experience for our players, with the goal of stimualting the previously mentioned experineces.

Here are a few of the updates...

  • Fix a bug where players would not be able to claim land (when raiding bases) unless the claims were entirely connected
  • Changed the player ranks from Settler, Apprentice, and Traveler to Mafia, Mobster, and Outcast. The new names are meant to stimulate a more vocal action based theme in the server. These ranks will soon be given unique benefits, that will be talked about more in later posts and updates.
  • The implementation of new changes in spawn, with a special no PVP zone inside the redstone area, and a  PvP zone on the outside of this area. This change will allow our players to jump right into a PvP    experience without having to spend 20 minutes running through tutorials, while also giving our players the  ability to travel safely to their end destinations in spawn without being afraid of dying. We are going to      continue to work on adding more 'end destinations' to the path, so as to create a more connected Spawn. 

I hope you guys like all of the changes we have put in place. If you wish to see anything added in the future, post here in the comments, or in the correct forum category and me or another Head Staff member will get back to you as soon as possible!

See you online,

Mc PvP Staff Team


Tomorrow at 12 Noon GMT -1 time I am going to be disabling the factions economy system, meaning you will not need to pay money to claim land, or deposit / withdraw money from your faction. In turning this feature off, all money in current factions will likely be lost. This is important - Please remove all of the money in your faction before tomorrow.

This can be done by typing ./f f <Your Faction Name>. Look at the amount of money in your factions 'bank account', then type /f money w <That amount>.

If you need any help doing this, contact a staff member online and he will guide you through the steps, or feel free to comment on this post.

Thank you for your time,

Mc PvP Staff

[Admin] johnhammond1997 Hi Patrick can you tell me when this will all take place please. Just so I got a record of it for myself. Thanks

Hello Mc PvP players,

Over the past few weeks the administration team has been putting a lot of time into updating the server, and providing new features for our players. I will be using this post to inform you of some of the newest updates that we have implemented into the server. If you have any questions regarding the implemented updates, feel free to make a comment on this post relating to your concerns. If you wish to recommend something for a future implementation feel free to do so in the Forums section titled recommendations.

Lets get to it...

  • New starter kit added that players will receive when logging onto the server for the first time. This kit includes Iron Armor, a Diamond Sword, a Diamond Pickaxe with unbreaking 2, 2 ender pearls and 10 Cooked pork. Players that have already logged into the server before will have the ability to use /kit start - However it will charge them $600 to use the command, which can be obtained through voting on the two links listed on the server, and in game with /vote. This kit can only be claimed once per day.

  • We have added auto-refilling chests in our /Warp Wild radiation zone, with two different chests that offer different loots in them. Currently they are set to refill once every 900 seconds, but be aware that when you enter the radiation zone you will start loosing health fairly quickly (Hmm, health potions might help?).

  • Donation Token System - Every time a player votes on both of the voting links you will receive two donation tokens in total, which can be used to purchase donation ranks on the donation store. Currently we only have one donation package, however additional ones will be added later. We will be adding other prizes or items that you can redeem your donation tokens on later, including God Swords, God Armor, TNT, Obsidian, Diamonds, in game money, and more. Stay Posted!

  • Staff Ranks - Over the past weeks we have added a series of staff ranks, including Helper, Moderator, and Administrator. These ranks will be given out to players who are deemed worthy, and who have filled out the online Staff Application. Helpers will receieve /kick and /mute, while moderators will receive /tempban, /kick, /mute, and /jail, while Administrators will have a large platform of commands that they can use to help govern the day to day affairs of the server.

Over the past two weeks, many different updates have been added, and this is in no way a complete list, so you may find new features in game that you are not currently familiar with, and if you have any questions relating to their function, comment on this post, or make another forum post and our staff team will get back to you.

Currently Planned Features:

  • Implementation of staff ranks on website

  • Additional donation packages + rewards for vote tokens

  • Additional staff promotions

  • Creation of additional staff ranks (possibly)
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